Our Story

Long story short this is Morein4 LLC and we are powering multiple company's in different fields Local business, Studios and Local and online Shops the owner of that company is Michael Alexcan

Michael Alexcan is an Egyptian Technical Artist raised in California USA and living in Egypt.

The Goals

Building a pyramids was an imposable task with the right mindset and planning it was archived thats why we are slowly building our brand by spreading in different Felids and being a global franchise in Marketing Goods Local and online, Producing Films, Developing Game and creating applications.

The Dreams

Pharaohs dreams where to make an art pace and that way they can live forever with there art being admired after they are long gone so they made the pyramids. We are fallowing the same concept with a modena latest technology so that we can deliver High quality Apps, games, films and Goods. egypt is one of the most talented country for years it been forgotten and its time for it to be remembered.


Cross-platform support is becoming more important in the world of video games, online shopping and more. That why Our Applications is Cross Platform and Game ready.