Unreal User Interface

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Unreal User Interface is a Full Unreal Engine Blueprint Add to Project Plugin. that will give you a way to moderate your Player Heath, Oxygen, and Poison Level and it will give a compass to keep a eye on your player Location, it also comes with a Basic Health and score System so you can get going real fast.


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Unreal User Interface Unreal Engine Plugin

  1. Monitor Health in real time with a nice Scale in and out Bar and colors can be changed for the bars to represent the status of Safe or danger. (with smart recovery)
  2. Reminder of Oxygen Level the more the batter, it will only be reduced under water once out of Oxygen recovery system will stop working.
  3. Reminder of Poison Level the less the batter, it will only Increase in Hostel areas once Poison Level is reached recovery system will stop working.
  4. Smart recovery system can be controlled to increase or decrease damage.


Included in Unreal User Interface Plugin only.


  • This product is available worldwide; no region lock.


  • After payment has been approved, your Download URL will be included in your order approved confirmation email.
    You can access your Download by following the link in that email and then you can Add it to your own project.


Activate with Origin:

  1. Download and extract all of the project files.
  2. Start the project with Unreal engine.
  3. Migrate the Plugin Folder to your own Unreal engine Project.
  4. Make sure you the Unreal Engine mannequin are migrated.
  5. any any case you need to user theĀ Unreal Engine mannequin that was downloaded with the project or implement the Unreal Engine mannequin Blueprint in to your own Unreal Engine mannequin.


Q. I searched on the Forums and the discord and there was no answer?

A. Try making a post on the discord first and if that did not answer you question try the forums.

Q. What if i need help.

A. You need to hair professionals.

Q. Please i only need help with one thing.

A. Feel free to join our voice discord and see if anyone free to help you.

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